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Suunto Spartan Sport WristHR Baro Stealth - Horloges

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Suunto Spartan Sport WristHR Baro Stealth - Horloges

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Robust Construction To suit all your sporting and adventuring endevours the Spartan Trainer Bravo comes with an ultra-robust design that will survive multiple different environments and activities. The watch comes with a steel bezel and crystal glass construction that is completely water resitant up to 100m so that you don't have to worry about using the watch during water sports or in torrential conditions. The watch also comes with a long-life battery that will survive up to 10 hours in training mode or up to 40 hours in power saving mode. Navigation If you like travelling off the beaten track then the Spartan Trainer is the watch for you. The watch uses both GPS and GLONASS to give you the most accurate and detailed navigation possible. The watch comes with multiple different features that will help you travel without fear including: a real time breadcrum trail, route and point of interest navigation that comes with your ETA, GPS altitude which will measure your accents and descents, altitude information, includes a compass with digital compensation when it comes to tilts, a storm alarm, and sunrise and sunset times. Sports Training For the budding athlete the watch comes with all you need to track your training on and off the playing field. The watch is supportive of up to 80 different sports with triathlon and multisport modes that include interval training. Some of the sports included are running, cycling and swimming which all come with their own mode which will provide different metrics. For example during cycling mode the watch face will show your real time lap time, heart rate, power and speed.  Heart Rate One of the most crucial and informative metrics that is available to us is our heart rate which can give us clear indications of our general fitness. The Spartan Train Baro comes with an inbuilt heart rate monitor in the wrist that will provide you will your real time heart rate and track it through different activites so that you can see when you are training right and when you're overeaching.

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